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My boyfriend’s sister, Julia, ran away Friday, January 18th from her home in Providence, Rhode Island. She was very briefly returned home on Saturday, but ran away again the same evening. Since Saturday, there has been no word from her or anyone knowing of her whereabouts.  She is is approximately 5’4, and was last seen wearing a grey hoodie, jeans, and a hello kitty messenger bag. She may be with her boyfriend, Eddy, who is also fourteen years old. She is believed to be staying around the Chalkstone area of Providence, Rhode Island.

Please help bring her home. Her family just wants to know she’s safe. The strength, love, and commitment this family has for each other knows no bounds. She has parents and two brothers desperate to know she’s safe.

If you have any information on Julia’s safety or her whereabouts, please either email novmber.eleventh@gmail.com or call (401) 285-7064

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